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GPTs: Tailored AI for small business growth

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Tailored GPTs boosting efficiency and engagement for SMBs, providing 24/7 customer support with cutting-edge technology.

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Who is it for

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Home Service Providers

Our custom GPT solutions streamline HVAC to Exterior Cleaning operations by automating scheduling and dispatch, enhancing customer support, optimizing inventory, personalizing service recommendations, speeding up quote generation, boosting on-site service efficiency, analyzing feedback for improvements, driving targeted marketing, and simplifying employee training. Transform your business with efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability.

Happy Realtor


Our custom GPT aids realtors by automating property listings, enhancing client communication, generating market analysis, personalizing buyer/seller tips, streamlining document processing, and improving lead generation and follow-up strategies. Elevate your real estate services with efficiency, enhanced client relations, and maximized sales opportunities.

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Health Care

Our custom GPT for healthcare streamlines patient appointments, enhances medical record management, provides instant health information, personalizes patient care plans, optimizes staff scheduling, and improves patient follow-up and engagement. Transform healthcare delivery with increased efficiency, better patient care, and optimized operations.

How it works

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Try Our Free GPTs: Discover Efficiency & Innovation

Unlock the potential of our GPTs at no cost. Experience the power of cutting-edge AI, designed to streamline tasks, inspire innovation, and offer tailored solutions. Dive into the future of technology and find new ways to enhance your efficiency. Start exploring now and transform the way you work with our intelligent GPT models.

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Custom GPT Solutions for Your Business

We craft a GPT specifically designed to solve your unique challenges, streamlining processes and boosting your business's efficiency. Our solution adapts to your needs, ensuring seamless integration and a smoother workflow, driving innovation and productivity forward. Discover the difference a customized GPT can make

Ongoing Customization and Support

Our service begins with customization but doesn’t stop there. As your partners, we're committed to continuous improvement, regularly tweaking and refining the GPT based on your evolving needs. We learn from your feedback to enhance the GPT's performance, ensuring it remains an effective tool for your business. Together, we'll keep optimizing for success.

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MY AI Trained

  • Custom Made GPT‘s: Tailor-made solutions for SMEs in home service, real estate, health care, and more.
  • Advanced Technology: Leverage natural language processing and machine learning for superior customer service.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Ensure your clients always have the assistance they need anytime.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance satisfaction.
  • Personalized Services: From development to maintenance, get services that fit your business perfectly.
  • Drive Growth: With, transform interactions and boost your business performance.
  • Discover the future of customer engagement at

Free Access



    • Access to a library of custom-built GPTs specialized for the home service industry.
    • Standard response templates for common customer service inquiries.
    • Self-service portal and community forum support.

Best For: New or small home service businesses exploring AI capabilities to enhance customer service


Quality GPT Responses

Requires GPT Plus.



$ 249

per month


    • Customizable prompts to better match your business tone and FAQs.
    • Ability to incorporate business-specific knowledge into responses.

Best For: Growing home service businesses needing more personalized interactions.


    • We increased the relevance and personalization of customer interactions.
    • Improved customer satisfaction through tailored responses.

Custom GPT Plus


per month


    • A fully customized GPT model includes prompt customization, industry-specific knowledge enhancement, and API integrations (e.g., CRM, scheduling tools).
    • Training session on maximizing the use of your custom GPT.

Best For: Established home service businesses seeking a competitive edge through advanced AI integration and comprehensive support.


    • Complete customization to fit unique business needs and workflows.

***Setup Fee Not Included

Empowering Small Businesses to Stay Competitive Through AI Integration.

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